Telecom Expense Management

"The goal of Telecom Expense Management is to ensure an accurate and optimal service-to-cost return." AOTMP Definition (

"Optimal" service-to-cost return means that you are paying a fair market price for the products and services that you need. At TeleSource "Optimization" begins with establishing a baseline telecom service inventory, thus our program is aptly named Telecom Expense & Inventory Management, or TEIM. To learn more about how the program can work for you, please browse our Product Showcase.

TeleSource leverages skilled telecom industry veterans, highly developed relationships with carrier sales channels, and our proprietary software package called Connect™ to help Enterprise Organizations understand, manage and control their communications environments and costs. Clients depend on TeleSource personnel for everything from negotiating carrier service agreements and project managing network implementations to supplying a carrier neutral Telecom Help Desk to troubleshoot all phone issues for their locations. We handle the day-to-day operations to free up our clients so they may concentrate on growing their business!

TeleSource solutions verify, clarify and simplify the full range of wireless and wireline communications available and supply your organization with the peace of mind that comes with Optimum Telecom ROI.
How do you Connect™? Contact us today for a Free Bill Analysis and Initial Consultation.

What can a TeleSource TEIM solution do for you?

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Validate the accuracy of your invoices
  • Allocate costs back to the appropriate location or cost center
  • Dispute invoice charges with the carrier
  • Predict future network costs and implement appropriate strategies
  • Find cost savings and efficiencies to build your telecom budget
  • Convert technology platforms easily
  • Negotiate better contracts with your providers and ensure timely implementation
  • Centralize all your telecom data for analysis and business intelligence
  • Maintain a complete and accurate inventory of every network element in your company including phone lines, circuits, Blackberry devices, cell phones, etc
  • Everything it takes to run your business!