Nationwide DSL

Internet connectivity is a required service component for point-of-sale applications, small office functionality, and virtually all business endeavors today. At TeleSource, we can help you source cost-effective, high-speed, "always-on" nationwide connectivity solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and support. As opposed to providing wholesale broadband connectivity, we believe it is in your business' best interest to commandeer service from the local telephone, cable, or satellite carrier that owns the infrastructure and presently services your area. But when you have hundreds or thousands of retail locations or satellite offices, that concept becomes a little cumbersome!

That's where TeleSource helps our clients obtain the best-available broadband services with an easy-to-manage flat rate cost structure, so you can easily budget for new service locations throughout the course of the year.

Too, opt for our single-bill-pay option, and you will get one simple consolidated invoice from TeleSource each and every month for your current broadband services. We can also bundle modem or router configuration, deployment cable support, proactive network monitoring and automatic trouble resolution so Internet connectivity is one less thing you'll have to worry about!

Broadband Aggregation

The task of providing connectivity for a multiple location business can be an arduous undertaking. For large enterprise clients, it can involve contacting hundreds of broadband carriers to arrange service, in addition to managing individual agreements, installations and billing. Many customers look to TeleSource to act as a single source provider for managed network access including provisioning, deployment, monitoring, management and consolidated billing.

CPE Management

One of the most underestimated tasks of deploying a wide area network, VPN, or teleworker program is standardizing and managing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). From vendor selection, procurement, configuration and installation, to troubleshooting and repairing or replacing broken devices, CPE management can add significant costs and risks that can mean the difference between success and failure. The TeleSource team will support your preference for a specific CPE make, model, firmware and configuration for each access technology.

Proactive Access Monitoring

TeleSource has implemented comprehensive tools and systems to continuously monitor our customer's broadband access lines and initiate repairs once a fault is detected. If a connectivity failure occurs, a TeleSource technician will first initiate diagnostics with onsite personnel if error occurs during your site's hours of operation. Or depending on your prescribed standard operating procedure, we will automatically open a trouble ticket with the appropriate carrier to positively influence your Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) for modem or circuit issues.