24x7 Help Desk

Imagine having one point of contact for all your local dial tone, long distance and internet connectivity issues. That's one contact for troubleshooting and repair for all your locations, irregardless of the service provider(s) involved. Then imagine having that access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • One point of contact for problem resolution, questions or other issues, regardless of the Carrier, location, product or service.
  • Access to a team of trained professionals who maintain daily contact with each Carrier.
  • Expedited problem resolution.

The TeleSource 24x7 Help Desk provides the support you require to keep all your locations running smoothly. Systems down in Kansas City after closing? Orlando having DSL issues at 7pm? Store data lines down in Charlotte? By the time your store manager is back in the morning, our support team has acknowledged the problems, contacted the appropriate carriers, and arranged for follow up. All while you were sleeping...

To access the TeleSource 24x7 Help Desk after hours, call (888) 849-0555 option 1.

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Our trouble ticket management software, called TAC, is linked with our Connect™ Telecom Inventory Management tool. For TeleSource Expense Management clients that enroll in our Help Desk, this means added convenience and simplicity accessing service address or circuit information by Cost Center or other abbreviation methodology. By adopting the language that your users are most familiar with, we find that we're better able to serve you!