Connect™ Software

TeleSource Account Managers rely on our proprietary Connect™ software to audit our Expense Management clients' monthly voice, data and wireless invoices for accuracy and to maintain the integrity of your complex telecom service investment. Inaccuracies are disputed via billing tickets in Connect™ and tracked until satisfactorily resolved.

The TeleSource Connect™ software enables TEIM clients to monitor, understand, manage and control the complete range of TEM processes from "procure to pay"

1. Telecom Services Procurement - create, manage and process telecom service requests, orders and disconnects

2. Inventory Management - create and manage a dynamic, enterprise-wide inventory of telecommunications services and hardware

3. Contracts Management - manage carrier agreements, terms and conditions

4. Invoice Integration - capture carrier billing for analysis and verification directly from electronic or paper based sources

5. Billing Management - allocate and manage, costs, payments, approvals, credits and disputes

6. Bill Auditing - verify contractual commitments, billing rates, service level and identify cost savings opportunities

7. Reporting and Analysis - transform telecommunications data into management information for improved manageability