Case Studies

As you might imagine, it can seem daunting for those outside of the telecommunications industry to interpret cryptic invoices, and to fully understand all the many options, opportunities and implications. The TeleSource team "speaks the language" and empowers business clientele with valuable Insight and exceptional support services.

The Connect™ software package developed by TeleSource, specifically for the needs of TeleSource clients, systematically identifies and isolates bogus charges and outdated rate plans in addition to ensuring that the carriers are billing the correct contractual rates. However, as you can see from our Case Studies, it takes real diligence to turn disputes into actual refunds and credits in a timely and responsible manner.

Great things are happening here. See for yourself how we are making a difference, one client at a time.

Transportation Case Study

Customer: Benton Express, Atlanta, GA with 25+ sites in United States
Industry: Transportation

Goal: Benton Express wanted to capitalize on its volume purchasing power across all providers and to reduce their overall telecommunications expense. In addition, their goal was to outsource their order processing and management of moves, adds, and change activities that occurs naturally in a growing company. Benton Express was also seeking ways to improve on the effectiveness of their internal resources by focusing on activities that were central to their business strategy.

Challenges: Benton Express needed to deploy its IT staff resources on many strategic projects that were critical to their success. They needed a partner to manage a bigger portion of their telecom activities, including billing audits and dispute resolution along with service order management. Additionally, Benton Express also required assistance in benchmarking the economic value of their service providers, as well as managing the complex voice and data needs of a multi-site company.

TeleSource Connect™ Highlights: With Telesource's Connect™ platform, Benton Express receives monthly reports on their telecom expenditures, including audited bills and breakdowns across every site. Through this process, billing disputes and erroneous charges have virtually been eliminated. Using Telesource's project management expertise, Benton Express is able to off-load the order management and installation burden of any network reconfigurations or enhancements that occur.

TeleSource Client: Since 2006

"We had our best communication month in at least 5 years, thanks in large part to TeleSource. Our dedicated account team and all the others at TeleSource continue to help me lower my communication costs and maximize my resources." - Jeffrey Smith, Director of IT, Benton Express

Retail Case Study

Customer: National Retailer in Ladies fashion, with 1300+ sites in United States
Industry: Retail

Goal: Due to the very large number of locations, this client was dealing with hundreds of service providers monthly...and thousands of bills! They needed to reduce the drain on their time and resources of managing a multi-carrier environment, and redirect their efforts towards activities that drove their core business. The client identified the following functions as critical focal points:

  • Invoice auditing and bill reconciliation (cost center level)
  • Management of moves, adds, and change orders across multitude of carriers
  • Order processing in diverse carrier environments
  • Trouble ticket reporting, managing and close-out

Challenges: Manually dealing with +3200 telecom bills each month was proving to be costly, as well as highly inefficient. Just the simple act of paying the phone bills for each location was taking several days, and didn't provide time for a thorough audit to identify erroneous charges. Furthermore, business was being disrupted by missed installation intervals as well as scheduling conflicts for moves and changes. Just as important, during times of service outages, there was no one devoted to insuring the carriers made their commitments on service restoration.

TeleSource Connect™ Highlights: Using Telesource's Connect™ platform, this client saves an average of $1,500 per month, primarily due to our diligence in identifying and disputing erroneous charges, such as disconnected services and "slamming and cramming" activity. Additionally, the client has received a refund from their carriers for more than $44,000 as a result of overcharges on their local services identified through the Connect™ audit. Internally, the client's Accounts Payable department now processes fewer, more accurate invoices which saves valuable resources, and allows the client to focus on their specific business functions. Finally, by using the TeleSource dedicated Help Desk, the client is supported by our resources in reporting, tracking, and resolving services issues at all of their locations across the country.

TeleSource Client: Since 1996

"The customer's internal IT staff and Help Desk personnel view TeleSource as their "needed liaison" with telecom service providers - allowing them to focus their energies on more strategic activities."