Agent Partners

TeleSource's Master Agent Program was formed in 2000 on two core principles: to build strong partnerships and to provide quality local service.

The program's major emphasis is on training TeleSource Agents (i.e. hardware vendors, integrators and consultants) to incorporate network services into their client discussions so their customers can reinvest network savings for needed phone system or IT upgrades. Current TeleSource carrier solutions include local, long distance, data communications, internet and wireless. In the coming year, select TeleSource agents will be certified to sell our Telecom Expense & Inventory Management solution, which includes access to the Connect™ software package.

TeleSource Agents Benefit From:

  • Access to the LECs, and the Best CLECs
  • Access to SuperAgent: "Carrier Forms at your Fingertips"
  • Access to MasterStream Quoting and Ordering Tool
  • Back Office Support
  • Commission Plans for Transactional (Referral) and Consultative Business Models
  • Lead Generation: TeleSource routinely receives and distributes leads from our carrier partners, in addition
    to customer inquiries from our website!
  • Registry in our Vendor Database: If you provide structured cabling services or phone system support, let us catalog your capabilities and certifications. Qualify for TeleSource work orders, or referrals to our other partners across the country!
  • TeleSource Telecom Expense & Inventory Management (TEIM) solution certification opportunity

TeleSource's Agent Program was recently ranked Number 4 by the AT&T Stack Rankings in overall production. Additionally, we enjoy dedicated support teams with each of our registered carrier partners that includes access to Design Engineers and Implementation Teams. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have created with our carriers and use those ties to provide our agents with every tool necessary to succeed in their sales initiatives.